Travel Size Oxygen Pillow
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Travel Size Oxygen Pillow Details
Travel Size Oxygen Pillow: Deeper Sleep Through Deeper Breathing
Healthy breathing is the single most important factor during sleep. It affects the
quality of your sleep, and ultimately, the quality of your life. The Travel Size Oxygen
Pillow's patented design positions the body to increase oxygen intake, creating the
conditions for more restful, restorative sleep without sacrificing comfort.

Travel Size Oxygen Pillow:
Feels comfortable with a familiar shape
CPAP users benefit from support, reducing mask leak
Maintains proper spinal support
Opens the airway for easier breathing and expanded lung capacity
Works with any sleeping position
Can be used in any direction
Has Öeko-Tex certified latex foam and fabric that is hypoallergenic

"The Travel Size Oxygen Pillow works.  Positioned correctly, the Travel Size Oxygen Pillow rotates the face away from the pillow, provides support for the head and neck
while providing a properly managed elevation (and actually feels good)."
With Ordinary Pillow Face Sinks In, Dislodging Mask
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Hypoallergenic, patented pillow aligns body in optimal position for breathing. Same benefits and quality of the original Oxygen Pillow, but in a size suitable for travel!
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Patented Travel Size Oxygen Pillow Provides Support, Reducing Leakage