SleepTracker Pro Monitoring Device Details
SLEEPTRACKER® continuously monitors signals from your body that indicate    
whether you are asleep or awake. Because you wear SLEEPTRACKER® on your    
wrist like a watch, its internal sensors can detect even the most subtle physical      
signals from your body. SLEEPTRACKER® finds your best waking moments, so that
waking  up has never been easier.

When you sleep, your body goes through a series of sleep cycles. The average adult
experiences 4-5 full sleep cycles over an 8-hour period. Each cycle lasts about      
90-110 minutes and comprises five different stages, as illustrated by this chart.

No two people have the same sleep cycles, and nobody has the same cycle twice.  
Many factors can influence sleep cycles, including diet, exercise, medications,         
drugs or alcohol, stress, sleep disorders, and sleep deprivation. Age and gender can
play a role, too: women tend to sleep more soundly than men, and as we age, we     
sleep more restlessly.

A typical sleep cycle has five stages and takes 90-110 minutes. During Stage 1 of your
sleep cycle, you sleep lightly. At Stage 2, your sleep gets progressively deeper. At
Stages 3 and 4, also known as "Delta Sleep," you sleep most heavily; this is when     
your body rebuilds itself.

Stage 5 of sleep, also known as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, is marked by
extensive physiological changes, such as accelerated respiration, increased brain
activity, rapid eye movement, and muscle relaxation. People dream during REM sleep.

In the first third of the night, Delta sleep stages last longer than REM stages.As the    
night progresses, Delta sleep diminishes in length. By the last third of the night, Delta
sleep usually ceases, while REM stages lengthen.

SLEEPTRACKER® may find multiple almost-awake moments within the sleep cycle.
Almost-awake moments may also vary in frequency throughout the night.

By monitoring your sleep cycles for optimal waking moments during the preset     
ALARM WINDOW, SLEEPTRACKER finds those almost awake-moments and gently
wakes you when you're most alert. The result? You wake up refreshed instead  of
groggy. Waking up has never been easier.
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A smart alarm clock that monitors your sleeping patterns to alert you at your most superficial level of sleep, leaving you feeling more refreshed upon awakening.
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