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Helps many newbies and veteran users alike become more comfortable with CPAP therapy.
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Pur-Sleep CPAP Aromatherapy 15ml Refill
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Ships In:  1-2 Business Days
Clear CLR15
Spice SPC15
Peace PEA15
Comfort COF15
Fresh FRS15
Calm CLM15
Pur-Sleep CPAP Aromatherapy 15ml Refill Details
When you order refills for Pur-Sleep CPAP Aromatherapy, you get three 5ml bottles
of the fragrance you select, along with an extra Diffusion Pad.  Choose from among
the following fragrances:
Clear --Minty-fresh Clear; is made with extremely pure peppermint, thyme,     
and lavender essential oils, with a touch of clary sage. Clear; has remarkably
pleasant and familiar aromatic qualities that can be described as minty-fresh,
sweet, clear, and penetrating.
Spice -- Spice™ is a combination of pure essential oils from sweet orange, real
cloves, and Bay Rum (a clove-like oil from the East Indies) that presents a
fantastic sweet orange and spice aroma that is extraordinarily effective in the
CPAP machine. Spice; is one of our best-liked essential oils.
Peace -- Peace™ is made from a blend of pure, French lavender 40/42 and is  
the most flower-like aroma on the market. Lavender has been used to help the
restless sleep since ancient times and a growing number of studies support its
use as a natural, holistic sleep aid. Most lavender scented products are made  
with synthetic lavender or, when natural aromatics are used, with lavender (L.
latifolia) or;lavandin; (L. intermedia), both of which yield much more oil than true
lavender but have an inferior, camphor-like aroma. This blend also contains a
small amount of marjoram sweet and clary sage in order to provide enhanced
properties relating sleep.
Comfort -- Comfort, is as warm, herbaceous, nutty and highly comforting,
authentic sweet marjoram essential oil is rare and expensive. Adding pure
lavender essential oil creates a unique and pleasant aroma.
Calm --Calm, This blend of mild Australian eucalyptus essential oil, pure  
French lavender, and rosemary is extremely pleasant and relaxing. This blend   
has no camphor and is similar to but not as harsh as traditional cold remedy
Fresh -- Fresh™, Lighter and more candy-like than sweet orange, the 100%    
pure Italian tangerine essential oil used in Fresh; is amazingly pleasant.     
Blended with a small amount of lime and lavender essential oils, Fresh; is      
sweet soothing, comforting, and warming. If you like the tangy sweet smell of a
freshly peeled tangerine or mandarin orange, you'll appreciate this blend!     
Fresh; is not as strong or persistent as some of our other oils, such as Clear     
and Spice.

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