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Go to the bathroom much at night?  Then your current night light is probably
making it harder for you to get back to sleep.  The Insomnia Night Light is
scientifically proven to block the blue wavelength of light, which is the one that
sends an alerting signal to the brain that it's time to wake up.

Blocks light that would otherwise send an alerting signal to the brain
Helps you get right back to sleep
Creates proper nighttime sleeping environment
Ideal for nursery

The bulb uses 6 LEDs and is a good low power/no heat replacement for incandescent night light bulbs.  It produces light in the amber portion of the
spectrum, with a peak at 589 nm, which is a part of the spectrum well removed
from the blue region responsible for melatonin suppression. It is recommended for
background lighting in rooms for individuals who must get up during the night.  It
may also be used for children's bedrooms where the child is afraid to sleep in the

The Insomnia Night light is to be used with a standard ON/OFF switch, is compatible
with 120 VAC LED lamps and bulbs. DO NOT use dimmers with 120 VAC LED bulbs,
as some dimmers may cause them to fail. The bulb will not work in automatic
ON/OFF night light fixtures.  Please use in a standard Insomnia Night Light Fixture.
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Great for those annoying trips to the bathroom at night; scientifically engineered to eliminate "alerting" light wavelengths
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