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This data card reading software puts you in control of your therapy. If you buy no other CPAP supplies, be sure to get this one.
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EncoreViewer v1.0 Software for Respironics M Series
EncoreViewer v1.0 Software for Respironics M Series Machines
Encore Viewer v1.0 Software for Respironics M Series Machines is patient-friendly
sleep therapy monitoring.
Use EncoreViewer and
Encore Smart card Reader and a SmartCard to view and print
the therapy data generated from your Respironics sleep therapy device.

EncoreViewer is patient-focused software that allows a patient to view and print
reports generated from a Respironics sleep therapy device using a SmartCard.

EncoreViewer reads the patient's SmartCard and displays detailed compliance and
therapy reports.

EncoreViewer Features:

Patients can view and print reports that show therapy settings and patterns of
use. EncoreViewer supports only Respironics sleep therapy devices (all CPAP /
Auto- CPAP / BiPAP with SmartCard, all M Series systems with SmartCard, and
BiPAP autoSV with SmartCard) - Respironics home noninvasive therapy devices
are not supported by this software.
No prescription is required for EncoreViewer.
Required operating system is Windows XP or Windows Vista Home.
EncoreViewer is available only in English.

EncoreViewer does not include the following functions and features:

EncoreViewer does not provide the capability to alter or erase data on the
EncoreViewer does not allow a patient to alter any device settings or

EncoreViewer only displays SmartCard data to the patient. A Help File is included that
explains the parameters of each report. No interpretation of the data is presented.

EncoreViewer: System Requirements

Color monitor with 16 bit color, 800x600 resolution (minimum, but not limited
Windows®-compatible PC with Pentium III or later processor running Windows
XP Home SP2 or Windows Vista Home
256 MB system memory
50 MB free hard disk space
Windows-compatible pointing device (mouse)
Windows-supported USB port or PCMCIA slot
UL 1950, IEC 60950, or EN 60950 compliant computer

Also requires either a
USB SmartCard reader (PN 1014352) or PCMCIA SmartCard reader (PN 1014353) to copy therapy data from the SmartCard to your computer.

To Install

Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive of the PC.
Follow the on-screen instructions. (If the wizard does not appear within 30
seconds, click Start > Run, then Browse to the CD and Open the Setup.exe
Encore Smart Card Reader for Respironics M Series Machines
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Buy as Bundle and Save! Includes: Encore Smart Card Reader AND EncoreViewer v1.0 Software for Respironics M Series Machines
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